“Hello! I’m Kacie. I believe that therapy is a safe space in which individuals can feel comfortable and supported disclosing their daily stresses as well as some of their most personal struggles. I feel as though therapy allows for an additional relationship in one’s life combining a non-judgmental approach with appropriate interventions.”

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Where I Worked Before Private Practice -

Before going into private practice I worked with individuals suffering from substance abuse, severe mental illness, domestic violence and trauma. Additionally, I currently also work with children diagnosed with autism assisting them with reaching their developmental milestones.

What Therapy Is like With Me -

The level of participation I use during sessions varies from person to person. I find it incredibly important to listen to an individual's story, struggles and concerns without interruption and interjecting as necessary. However, if a client is interested in more of less participation than I am giving I am always happy to make that adjustment!

During our time together, I do not share too much information about myself. While I may disclose small details such as an enjoyable hobby or the area in which I grew up in, research currently shows that a therapist’s self disclosure in normally not helpful throughout a therapeutic session.

While I find that homework and activities are not only useful but help to keep focus on healing throughout the time in between meeting, I recognize that activities can often turn someone away from therapy. With this knowledge, I work with my clients to see what they prefer while in between session and work from there.

I strive to ensure that in my work with clients empathy is the first and foremost critical piece of my therapeutic setting. I believe that the relationship between a client and a therapeutic professional is valuable and must be honored.

How I Help You overcome Stuck Feelings -

I pay close attention to body language and tone to assess whether or not someone may be feeling stuck, unseen or unheard. Since my goal is developing a trusting and open relationship, I strive to develop a relationship in which you would feel comfortable disclosing that you are feeling stuck, unseen or unheard.

My Advice If You’ve Never Been TO THerapy Before -

The idea of heading into therapy can be a scary and intimidating process. I understand the concerns that many face when going through the decision making process of beginning therapy. What will I say? Will it be awkward? Will I even like this person? Will they judge me? It is not an easy decision to choose to face some of the tough experiences you have gone through head on. I truly believe that if we are alive, we should be in therapy and therefore, it is right for everyone! With me, you should expect to slowly develop a relationship in which you may eventually feel comfortable discussing some of your more difficult concerns, changing behaviors you no longer want and taking the steps to reach your life long goals.

Don’t Hesitate to connect with me if you have questions